Our Life Together

Rexburg, ID, United States
We've been married for 5 years! We met here in Rexburg, Idaho where we lived in the same apartment complex, volunteered with similar church callings, and attended the same university. It was only a matter of time before we'd bump into each other! Kelly graduated with her bachelors in psychology and has since been working with mentally ill adults and children. She has been accepted to Drexel Univeristy for her Masters in Higher Education Administration and Organizational Management. Sam recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with his bachelors in English Literature. We've had so much fun and so many growing experiences in the past 5 years, and have weathered so much good and bad during our young marriage. And we love each other so much more as a result of the happy and sad experiences that we have gone through hand in hand with each other and with the Savior. Our life is a simple one, but it's ours and we're glad to have it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Time!

Sam and I have planned on moving to Colorado for years and we are at the point where we are really wanting to move. Sam wants to move somewhere around the Denver area. I'm cool with anywhere from around Denver and down to Pueblo. So if you want to help us do some virtual house and job hunting, we are down for the advice and tips! We've been looking for jobs on usajobs.com and other sites, but if you know of any good job and housing sites, let us know! We're excited for the next chapter in our lives!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Recent Publication

Around last Thanksgiving I was accepted as a writer for the Idaho State Journal Newspaper and its magazine, Family Living. I wrote a few articles for the newspaper itself, but I have refocused myself mainly upon the magazine as their health writer. With my background in psychology, I focus mainly upon mental health. The editor informed me that this last issue would focus upon prom. Hmmm? How was I going to apply mental health to the topic of prom? Oh, that's easy! Stress. So here is a link of the latest issue, with my article on how parents and teens can have a more enjoyable and less stressful time related to prom ;)



If Josie were a dinosaur, she would be a carnivore and a scavenger. She loves eating stuff that is disgusting!
I've caught her eating poo, munching on used tissues, other trash-like paraphernalia, and she will never say no to a piece of meat, even human meat! As all of my avid blog followers know, all 3 of you, Sam has recently had his big toenails removed, thus his big toes are like large, meaty, blood covered nubs. (Ok, they're not that bad, but they're not pretty princess toes right now either.) And they totally looked like nubs of deliciousness to Josie yesterday. She was so focused upon his toes, just staring at them, and straining herself towards them. Sam had to tell her "No," more than once to deter her from taking a lick at his piggies!

Bad dino Josie! Bad!

May Babies

Happy Birthday to Aaron (May 20th) and Jake (May 24th)!!! We hope you guys had very happy birthdays and will have a great rest of the year for the both of you, Aaron with beginning fatherhood and Jake with beginning doctorhood :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Slumber Party!

So while Sam went out to Colorado in April for his annual kidney check-up, I was back in Idaho having a slumber party! I invited three of my girlfriends to spend the night at our home for a total girl fest! Two of my friends were able to make it and we stayed up late talking, laughing, eating a whole bunch of junk food (pizza, M&Ms, ice-cream, you know, all the slumber party essentials), painting our nails, and watching episode upon episode of Drop Dead Diva, a totally girly TV series. It was so much fun!

Yay for being a woman!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Sale

I have been in hard core spring cleaning mode! Seriously, I couldn't go to sleep for a bit one night because I was thinking of organizational techniques. Well, I have been helping one of my clients who is working on de-cluttering by having yard sales, and I brought some of my and Sam's things along too. I love getting rid of stuff... and making money by doing so :) My neighbors and Sam and I are having a big Memorial weekend yard sale next Saturday. Yay, goodbye stuff!

My goal is to have every single drawer, cabinet, and closet organized by the end of summer and I have gotten a lot done so far. The most daunting task is the paperwork and back two bedroom closets. I was reading on a professional organizer's website that 80% of the paperwork that people file never gets looked at again, and that we only wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. All of those time where I have thought, "Oh, but I might use this later," are gone! Less really is more, and means less to clean too!

Well, I'm outta here to go buy some Asian noodles :)

Toenails for Sale!

Actually, there are no toenails for sale. But Sam had his big toe toenails removed last Wednesday. He was getting ingrown toenails so often, that he finally decided to just get rid of them altogether. He was in a lot of pain at first, but felt much better after going back to the doctor's and having his feet rewrapped less tightly, which was a large reason for the pain.

Poor Sammy has been stuck on the couch, doctor's orders, and so I have been at his beck and call. Refilling his glass, popping in a new movie for him, rearranging the pillows under his feet, etc., etc., etc. We had bought paint 2 days before his surgery for our bedroom walls, and so I got my workout going up and down the stairs in between painting and helping him out. And he has gotten soooo bored and sleep deprived from  sleeping on the couch uncomfortably, that he is extra ornery. For example, do you have any idea how many times he has reached over and messed with my keyboard while I've been trying to type this? And he is absolutely insistent that I get him noodles tonight for dinner because he has been watching Anthony Bourdain for the past few hours!

But I love him, and can't help but laugh at his antics even when he's driving me nuts!

But I did tell him that he's not allowed any more surgeries for at least 10 years!!!